Smarter financing for brighter futures.

Rearden Capital is your trusted source for alternative lending options tailored especially for independent K-12 schools. We offer underfunded private, charter, and parochial schools the financial solutions they need to better serve their students, their parents, and their communities. Unlike the big banks, in ten years of educational lending, we’ve never had a single failed loan or lease. How can your school benefit from a Rearden Capital loan? Have a look.

Tech Upgrades

Prepare your students for the careers of tomorrow with upgraded computers, tablets, distance learning centers, and more.

Budget Shortfalls

Get the funds you need to continue critical operations until your next tuition collection or funding disbursement.


Serve more students and families in your community by expanding your campus with more classrooms and updated facilities.

Necessary Equipment

Ensure your school’s reputation for excellence by replacing worn out desks, recess equipment, and other critical items.

Education Enrichment

Improve your students’ educational experience with funding for gym equipment, resource materials, club supplies, and more.

Start New Chapters

Expand beyond your local reach with new chapters in neighborhoods and markets underserved by independent schools.

Let’s make it happen.

Rearden Capital makes applying for and receiving a loan for your school quick and simple. Our approval and underwriting processes isn’t a long, complicated ordeal with endless hoops to jump through. We’ve been lending to independent K-12 schools for a decade. We understand your needs, and we understand your challenges. That’s how we can approve a loan in just 24 hours.

– 10 years of K-12 experience
– Loans approved in just 48 hours
– Funds dispersed within 24 hours of acceptance
– No failed loans or leases in 10 years
– Zero “set up” fees

Our Services

Lease Financing
for FF&E

Your fast learners shouldn’t have to play catch up.

Rearden Capital’s Lease Financing program enables independent schools to upgrade computers, furniture, and equipment without the budget-straining burden of large cash outlays. Through this unique lease-to-own program, schools lease the equipment they need, making small, affordable payments over time rather than everything up front. At the end of the lease, the school owns the asset. And rightfully so.

Lease Guarantee

Giving schools the credit they deserve.

Landlords may lend independent schools the funds to renovate or customize the space they are leasing, but typically only to schools with strong credit. For new schools or schools with less than stellar credit, Rearden Capital will guarantee the lease – ensuring schools get the facilities they want and need. And yes, the credit they deserve.


Empowering financially-challenged schools to continue making a difference in the world is at the forefront of our mission. After all, when students succeed, we all succeed—it’s smarter financing for the greater good.

—Marcus Nelson, President/CEO of Rearden Capital—

Purchase and Lease-Back

Underfunded no longer means overwhelmed.

Leasing space offers numerous advantages. But what if the building’s owners only want to sell? Not a problem. Rearden Capital will purchase your chosen site, and then rent it back to you. In essence, we become your landlord—giving you the freedom to focus on your students rather than worrying about raising money or the responsibilities associated with ownership, ie: building maintenance and upkeep. It’s a win-win.

Working Capital Loans

We think of it more as an investment.

Sometimes schools just need a hand making it through a tight stretch. And for the sake of our next generation, we’re happy to extend one. Rearden Capital provides working capital loans that help relieve the pressure of rapid expansion, growing enrollments, budget shortfalls, and a variety of other cash flow issues—all at an interest-friendly rate.

Do I qualify?

Our approval process is designed to get you the funds you need, quickly and simply. Just how quick and simple?


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